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Chicago, Cook, IL, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 41.879535, Longitude: -87.624333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ahern, Barbara  2 Oct 1926Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I8462
2 Armour, Lester  21 Mar 1895Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I8468
3 Atwood, Bessie  17 Mar 1877Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5677
4 Atwood, Carl Edward  19 Sep 1898Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5681
5 Atwood, Charles Edward  16 Aug 1869Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5679
6 Atwood, Ebenezer  11 Nov 1879Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5678
7 Atwood, Joseph Foster  6 Jan 1873Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5676
8 Coolidge, Albert Sprague  23 Jan 1894Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1995
9 Coolidge, Charles Allerton Jr.  13 Oct 1894Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3850
10 Coolidge, Julia Shepley  30 Jan 1896Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3851
11 Dibblee, Bertha  20 Mar 1875Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I249
12 Dibblee, Frances Fidelia  26 Aug 1877Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I15
13 Dodge, John Holmes Prentiss  13 Oct 1850Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I8194
14 Edye, Rhoda Louise  26 Jul 1883Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I7823
15 Field, Marshall II  21 Apr 1868Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I516
16 Field, Marshall III  28 Sep 1893Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I2306
17 Finerty, John Frederick  27 May 1885Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I722
18 Frietsch, Julius Gerard  7 Sep 1925Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I8463
19 Glessner, Frances M.  25 Mar 1878Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4080
20 Hogan, Rev. Bill  9 Jan 1927Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I7900
21 Huck, Albertine  6 May 1868Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I518
22 Ingram, Edith R.  30 Sep 1928Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3542
23 Ingram, Evelyn Marjorie  27 Sep 1913Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I467
24 Ingram, Jean Louise  19 Nov 1916Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5
25 Ingram, Ruth Marguerite  7 Apr 1923Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3541
26 King, Ginevra  30 Nov 1898Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4012
27 Manierre, George  5 Feb 1845Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4065
28 Mathisen, Sue Ann  9 Nov 1943Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1927
29 Radin, Alice  Abt 1852Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I8163
30 Romanoff, Rostislav Jr.  3 Dec 1938Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I8467
31 Ruddock, Albert Merritt Billings  13 Jan 1886Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4274
32 Spencer, Delia  10 Jul 1854Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I509
33 Sprague, Albert Arnold II  13 May 1874Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I14
34 Sprague, Albert Arnold IV  9 Oct 1941Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1
35 Sprague, Elizabeth Penn  30 Oct 1864Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I372
36 Sprague, Lucy  3 Jul 1878Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I31
37 Sprague, Mary Amelia  30 Jul 1872Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I29
38 Sprague, Otho Sylvester Arnold "Rusty" IV  30 Oct 1943Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I6
39 Swazey, Sarah Buck  4 Apr 1858Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3908
40 Towle, William Joseph  12 Apr 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I9425
41 Tracy, Robert Francis  28 Feb 1911Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I834
42 Tree, Arthur Magie  1 Jul 1863Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I519
43 Warner, Maude  12 Nov 1867Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4060


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ahern, Barbara  3 Jan 1973Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I8462
2 Atwood, Charles Bowler  19 Dec 1895Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5684
3 Atwood, Lucia Elvira  25 Sep 1901Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I28
4 Atwood, Myron Winslow  19 Apr 1904Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I386
5 Billings, Albert Merritt  7 Feb 1897Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4277
6 Blackwell, Katherine  29 Apr 1917Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I507
7 Brewer, Augusta Sarah  30 Mar 1913Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4278
8 Clarke, John L.  11 Oct 1885Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1448
9 Dibblee, Henry  19 Dec 1907Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I123
10 Field, Henry  22 Dec 1890Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I502
11 Field, Marshall II  27 Nov 1905Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I516
12 Finerty, John Frederick  10 Jun 1908Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I7586
13 Foley, Anne  18 Dec 1979Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I17
14 Fuller, Ginevra  Oct 1964Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4013
15 Glessner, John Jacob  20 Jan 1936Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4068
16 Greene, Anna Neverson  15 Jul 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4502
17 Guthrie, Archibald  17 May 1913Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1487
18 Hogan, Rev. Bill  31 Dec 2003Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I7900
19 Ingram, Frederick  28 Jun 1936Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3405
20 Ingram, Frederick Charles  5 Sep 1950Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3520
21 Ingram, Jean Louise  17 Apr 1982Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5
22 Ingram, Lillian Mary  23 Jan 1951Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3521
23 King, Charles Garfield  14 Sep 1945Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4010
24 LeFerve, Hallett  2 Dec 1958Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3544
25 Macbeth, Sarah Frances  19 Oct 1932Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4071
26 McCormick, Alexander Agnew Sr.  26 Nov 1925Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4064
27 Phelps, Anne Foley  1 Nov 1992Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4
28 Phelps, Craig  5 Jul 2007Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I23
29 Pirie, Gordon L.  17 Feb 1944Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4726
30 Richards, Nellie J.  9 Jun 1881Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I8550
31 Richardson, Sarah Lang  9 Nov 1843Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1843
32 Shepard, Cecilia Ellen  2 Oct 1937Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3761
33 Shepard, Elizabeth Matilda  28 Feb 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1443
34 Sprague, Albert Arnold I  10 Jan 1915Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I52
35 Sprague, Albert Arnold II  6 Apr 1946Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I14
36 Sprague, Arnold  1 Apr 1889Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I33
37 Sprague, Otho Sylvester Arnold III  10 May 1962Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3
38 Swazey, Rev. Arthur  22 Jan 1887Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3904
39 Watts, Carolyn  11 Aug 1924Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3406
40 Weld, Elizabeth Ann  19 Feb 1901Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3905
41 Wiggins, Edwin  1 Apr 1862Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I7124
42 Xanos, Nicoletta  30 Oct 2010Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I816


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Sprague, Albert Arnold IV  25 Sept 2021Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Dibblee, Frances Fidelia  26 Aug 1876Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I15

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 Greene, Anna Neverson  Oct 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4502

Census - 1920

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census - 1920    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Anna  8 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3873
2 Abbott, Lenore Tenney  13 or 14 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I2691
3 Brown, Sara Carroll  15 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3581
4 Dibblee, Frances Fidelia  19 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I15
5 Driscoll, Bernice  8 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I893
6 Driscoll, Lucille  8 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3877
7 Driscoll, Martin  8 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3872
8 Driscoll, Mary  8 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3874
9 Driscoll, Robert  8 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3876
10 Driscoll, Stephen  8 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3875
11 Driscoll, William  8 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3878
12 Field, Daphne  15 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5198
13 Field, Joseph Nash II  15 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3808
14 Field, Katherine Blackwell  15 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5197
15 Field, Laura Nash  15 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I124
16 Field, Stanley  15 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I520
17 Fuller, Ginevra  3 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4013
18 Fuller, William Alden  3 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4023
19 Higgins, Dorothy H.  13 or 14 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3740
20 Higgins, Margaret Abbott  13 or 14 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I2689
21 Ingram, Evelyn Marjorie  15 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I467
22 Ingram, Frederick  7 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3405
23 Ingram, Hector Sydney  15 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I18
24 Ingram, Jean Louise  15 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5
25 Ingram, Jessie  15 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I19
26 Ingram, Lillian Mary  7 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3521
27 Ingram, William George  7 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3522
28 King, Barbara  3 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4019
29 King, Charles Garfield  3 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4010
30 King, Garfield  3 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4020
31 King, Marjorie Fuller  3 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4018
32 McCormick, Alexander Agnew Sr.  2 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4064
33 McCormick, Katherine  2 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4104
34 Sprague, Albert Arnold III  19 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I20
35 Sprague, Albert Arnold II  19 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I14
36 Sprague, Laura  19 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I22
37 Sprague, Otho Sylvester Arnold III  19 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3
38 Warner, Maude  2 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4060
39 Watts, Carolyn  7 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3406

Census - 1860

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census - 1860    Person ID 
1 Jeffs, Abigail Millet  25 Jul 1860Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3755
2 Norris, Adaline O.  25 Jul 1860Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3759
3 Norris, Harriet Emeline  25 Jul 1860Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1852
4 Richardson, Edward Symmes Lang  25 Jul 1860Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1846
5 Stanwood, Hannah  17 Jul 1860Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3910
6 Swazey, Rev. Arthur  17 Jul 1860Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3904
7 Swazey, Ella Maria  17 Jul 1860Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3906
8 Swazey, Emeline Rice  17 Jul 1860Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I2804
9 Swazey, Louise Weld  17 Jul 1860Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3907
10 Swazey, Sarah Buck  17 Jul 1860Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3908
11 Weld, Elizabeth Ann  17 Jul 1860Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3905

Census - 1870

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census - 1870    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Rachel F.  28 Jun 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4293
2 Atwood, Charles  17 Jun 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I381
3 Atwood, Charles  5 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I381
4 Atwood, Charles Edward  5 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5679
5 Atwood, Eleanor F.  5 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5674
6 Atwood, Myron Winslow  9 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I386
7 Atwood, Nancy Ann  9 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I366
8 Carson, Sarah  27 Jun 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4721
9 Field, Marshall II  8 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I516
10 Field, Marshall  8 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I500
11 Fuller, Leroy W.  28 Jun 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4026
12 Fuller, William Alden  28 Jun 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4023
13 Gillman, Sophia Amelia Elinor  5 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5673
14 Pirie, John Thomas  27 Jun 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4048
15 Pirie, Margaret C.  27 Jun 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4725
16 Pirie, Mary E.  27 Jun 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4729
17 Pirie, Samuel Carson  27 Jun 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4039
18 Pirie, Sarah Isabel  27 Jun 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4727
19 Remsen, Jane  8 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4056
20 Scott, Nannie Douglas  8 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I508
21 Scott, Sarah  8 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3793
22 Spencer, Abbie S.  28 Jun 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4294
23 Spencer, Delia  28 Jun 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I509
24 Spencer, Franklin F.  28 Jun 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4292
25 Sprague, Albert Arnold I  9 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I52
26 Sprague, Caroline Amelia  9 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I53
27 Sprague, Carrie Arnold  9 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I373
28 Sprague, Elizabeth Penn  9 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I372
29 Sprague, Otho Sylvester Arnold I  9 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I27
30 Sprague, Susy  9 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I374
31 Swazey, Rev. Arthur  Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3904
32 Swazey, Ella Maria  Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3906
33 Swazey, Emeline Rice  Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I2804
34 Swazey, Louise Weld  Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3907
35 Swazey, Sarah Buck  Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3908
36 Walker, Ginevra E.  28 Jun 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4027
37 Warner, Ezra Joseph  8 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4055
38 Warner, Frank  8 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4059
39 Warner, Maude  8 Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4060
40 Weld, Elizabeth Ann  Jul 1870Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3905

Census - 1880

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census - 1880    Person ID 
1 Atwood, Bessie  19 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5677
2 Atwood, Charles  19 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I381
3 Atwood, Ebenezer  19 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5678
4 Atwood, Eddie  19 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5675
5 Atwood, Eleanor F.  19 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5674
6 Atwood, Joseph Foster  19 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5676
7 Atwood, Lucia Elvira  1 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I28
8 Atwood, Nancy Ann  16 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I366
9 Dibblee, Bertha  10 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I249
10 Dibblee, Frances Fidelia  10 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I15
11 Dibblee, Henry  10 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I123
12 Field, Ethel Newcomb  4 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I517
13 Field, Laura Nash  10 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I124
14 Field, Marshall II  4 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I516
15 Field, Marshall  4 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I500
16 Fuller, Ginevra  16 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4013
17 Fuller, Leroy W.  16 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4026
18 Fuller, William Alden  16 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4023
19 Gillman, Sophia Amelia Elinor  19 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5673
20 Glessner, Frances M.  8 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4080
21 Glessner, George  8 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4079
22 Glessner, John Jacob  8 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4068
23 Macbeth, Sarah Frances  8 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4071
24 Norris, Adaline O.  8 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3759
25 Norris, Harriet Emeline  8 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1852
26 Richardson, Edward Symmes Lang  8 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1846
27 Scott, Nannie Douglas  4 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I508
28 Scott, Nora  4 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3787
29 Sprague, Albert Arnold II  1 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I14
30 Sprague, Albert Arnold I  16 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I52
31 Sprague, Caroline Amelia  16 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I53
32 Sprague, Elizabeth Penn  16 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I372
33 Sprague, Lucy  1 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I31
34 Sprague, Mary Amelia  1 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I29
35 Sprague, Nancy Atwood  1 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I30
36 Sprague, Otho Sylvester Arnold I  1 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I27
37 Swazey, Rev. Arthur  3 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3904
38 Swazey, Ella Maria  3 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3906
39 Swazey, Louise Weld  3 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3907
40 Walker, Ginevra E.  16 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4027
41 Weld, Elizabeth Ann  3 Jun 1880Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3905

Census - 1900

Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census - 1900    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Alice H.  1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4081
2 (Unknown), Kate  4 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3880
3 Atwood, Bessie  9 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5677
4 Atwood, Carl Edward  9 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5681
5 Atwood, Charles Edward  9 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5679
6 Atwood, Ebenezer  9 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5678
7 Atwood, Eliza W.  12 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3902
8 Atwood, Ella M.  12 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3903
9 Atwood, Myron Winslow  12 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I386
10 Atwood, Nancy Ann  4 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I366
11 Caton, Arthur J.  1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4291
12 Coolidge, Albert Sprague  4 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1995
13 Coolidge, Frederick Shurtleff M. D.  4 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I375
14 Dibblee, Bertha  2 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I249
15 Dibblee, Frances Fidelia  2 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I15
16 Dibblee, Henry  2 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I123
17 Dreutzer, Corrilla Charlotte  9 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5680
18 Driscoll, Daniel  4 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3882
19 Driscoll, John  4 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3881
20 Driscoll, Timothy  4 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3879
21 Field, Laura Nash  2 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I124
22 Field, Marshall  4 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I500
23 Fuller, Ginevra  2 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4013
24 Fuller, William Alden  2 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4023
25 Gillman, Sophia Amelia Elinor  9 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I5673
26 Glessner, Elizabeth  1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4082
27 Glessner, George  1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4079
28 Glessner, John Jacob  1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4068
29 King, Charles Garfield  2 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4010
30 King, John Corley  2 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I416
31 Macbeth, Sarah Frances  1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4071
32 Miller, Adolph Casper  7 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I251
33 Miller, Mary "Polly" Sprague  7 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I279
34 Spencer, Delia  1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I509
35 Sprague, Albert Arnold I  4 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I52
36 Sprague, Albert Arnold II  4 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I14
37 Sprague, Elizabeth Penn  4 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I372
38 Sprague, Mary Amelia  7 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I29
39 Swazey, Emeline Rice  12 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I2804
40 Weld, Elizabeth Ann  12 Jun 1900Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3905

Census - 1910

Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census - 1910    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Alice H.  19 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4081
2 (Unknown), Anna  Between 16 and 18 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3873
3 Atwood, Nancy Ann  27 or 28 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I366
4 Driscoll, Martin  Between 16 and 18 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3872
5 Driscoll, Mary  Between 16 and 18 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3874
6 Driscoll, Robert  Between 16 and 18 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3876
7 Driscoll, Stephen  Between 16 and 18 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3875
8 Field, Laura Nash  4 May 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I124
9 Fuller, Ginevra  1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4013
10 Fuller, William Alden  1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4023
11 Glessner, Elizabeth  19 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4082
12 Glessner, Emily  19 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4087
13 Glessner, Frances  19 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4085
14 Glessner, George  19 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4079
15 Glessner, John J. II  19 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4086
16 Glessner, John Jacob  15 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4068
17 Ingram, Ethel  20 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3523
18 Ingram, Frederick  20 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3405
19 Ingram, Frederick Charles  20 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3520
20 Ingram, Harold  20 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3525
21 Ingram, Jessie  20 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I19
22 Ingram, Lillian Mary  20 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3521
23 Ingram, Rose  20 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3524
24 Ingram, William George  20 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3522
25 King, Barbara  1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4019
26 King, Charles Garfield  1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4010
27 King, Ginevra  1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4012
28 King, Marjorie Fuller  1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4018
29 Macbeth, Sarah Frances  15 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4071
30 McCormick, Alexander Agnew  20 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4103
31 McCormick, Alexander Agnew Sr.  20 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4064
32 McCormick, Katherine  20 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4104
33 Sprague, Albert Arnold I  27 or 28 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I52
34 Warner, Maude  20 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4060
35 Watts, Carolyn  20 Apr 1910Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3406

Census - 1930

Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census - 1930    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Lenore Tenney  7 May 1930Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I2691
2 Ahern, Lafayette Joseph  25 Apr 1930Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I8457
3 Brown, Sara Carroll  2 Apr 1930Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3581
4 Dibblee, Frances Fidelia  14 Apr 1930Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I15
5 Field, Joseph Nash II  2 Apr 1930Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3808
6 Field, Stanley  2 Apr 1930Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I520
7 Higgins, Dorothy H.  7 May 1930Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3740
8 Ingram, Frederick  9 Apr 1930Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3405
9 Ingram, Lillian Mary  9 Apr 1930Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3521
10 Ingram, William George  9 Apr 1930Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3522
11 Johnson, Ernest Abbott  19 Apr 1930Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3517
12 Sprague, Albert Arnold III  13 Apr 1930Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I20
13 Sprague, Albert Arnold II  14 Apr 1930Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I14
14 Sprague, Laura  14 Apr 1930Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I22
15 Sprague, Otho Sylvester Arnold III  14 Apr 1930Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3
16 Warner, Maude  3 Apr 1930Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4060

Census - 1940

Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census - 1940    Person ID 
1 Ahern, Barbara  20 Apr 1940Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I8462
2 Ahern, Lafayette Joseph  20 Apr 1940Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I8457
3 Ahern, Mildred Patricia  20 Apr 1940Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I8459
4 Dibblee, Frances Fidelia  11 Apr 1940Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I15
5 Fitzgerald, Mildred Agatha  20 Apr 1940Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I8458
6 Gibbs, Wilhelmina "Willie"  9 Apr 1940Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I21
7 Phelps, Anne Foley  5 Apr 1940Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4
8 Sprague, Albert Arnold III  9 Apr 1940Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I20
9 Sprague, Albert Arnold II  11 Apr 1940Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I14
10 Sprague, Ella  9 Apr 1940Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I7834
11 Sprague, Otho Sylvester Arnold III  5 Apr 1940Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID 
1 Sprague, Otho Sylvester Arnold III  14 May 1962Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3

Draft Registration

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Ahern, Lafayette Joseph  27 Apr 1942Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I8457


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Phelps, Ruth Shepard  1924Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I628
2 Sprague, Albert Arnold IV  Jun 1960Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1
3 Sprague, Albert Arnold IV  Jun 1966Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1
4 Sprague, Otho Sylvester Arnold "Rusty" IV  Jun 1961Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I6


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 McCormick, Alexander Agnew Sr.  26 Nov 1925Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4064
2 Remsen, Jane  18 Jan 1911Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4056


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Atwood, Charles  Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I381
2 Flaherty, Edward  Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I8988


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Atwood, Lucia Elvira  2 Oct 1901Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I28
2 Atwood, Lucia Elvira  24 Oct 1901Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I28
3 Atwood, Lucia Elvira  21 Jan 1904Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I28


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Resided    Person ID 
1 Carter, William H.  Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I6511
2 Dibblee, Henry  1872Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I123
3 Dodge, John Crowninshield  Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1851
4 Field, Charlotte  Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I6508
5 Field, Marshall  1856Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I500
6 Field, Marshall  1865Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I500
7 Field, Samuel Grimes  Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4498
8 Flaherty, Edward  Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I8988
9 Mitchell, Leonard McClellan  27 Apr 1942Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I282
10 Perkins, David W.  Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I6506
11 Prentiss, Catharine Lucretia  Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I7926
12 Richardson, Charles Frederick  Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I620
13 Richardson, Edward Symmes Lang  Apr 1857Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1846
14 Richardson, Edward Symmes Lang  1876Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1846
15 Shepard, Elizabeth Matilda  Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1443
16 Sprague, Albert Arnold I  1862Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I52
17 Sprague, Otho Sylvester Arnold I  1863Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I27
18 Warner, Ezra Joseph  1861-1862Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I4055


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Sprague, Albert Arnold I  1865Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I52
2 Sprague, Albert Arnold IV  4 Sep 1952Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I1
3 Sprague, Laura  4 Sep 1952Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I22
4 Sprague, Otho Sylvester Arnold I  1865Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I27
5 Sprague, Otho Sylvester Arnold III  4 Sep 1952Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I3
6 Sprague, Otho Sylvester Arnold "Rusty" IV  4 Sep 1952Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I6

U.S. WW I Draft Registration

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    U.S. WW I Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Chiames, George Nicholas  5 Jun 1917Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I815


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Atwood, Lucia Elvira  24 Jun 1885Chicago, Cook, IL, USA I28


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Caton / Spencer  10 May 1876Chicago, Cook, IL, USA F1778
2 Chiames / Xanos  22 Aug 1935Chicago, Cook, IL, USA F369
3 Finerty / Hennessey  7 May 1882Chicago, Cook, IL, USA F3273
4 Finerty / Radin  30 Dec 1877Chicago, Cook, IL, USA F3523
5 Ingram / Ingram  23 Nov 1912Chicago, Cook, IL, USA F8
6 Jingst / Ingram  19 May 1945Chicago, Cook, IL, USA F1517
7 Miller / Sprague  7 Oct 1895Chicago, Cook, IL, USA F14
8 Mitchell / McClellan  28 May 1872Chicago, Cook, IL, USA F154
9 Sprague / Gibbs  21 Sep 1937Chicago, Cook, IL, USA F1602
10 Vernon / Atwood  4 Jan 1902Chicago, Cook, IL, USA F2490

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