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(Unknown) Bardwell

Male 1825 - Yes, date unknown

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  (Unknown) Bardwell was born in 1820-1825 (son of Ezekiel John Bardwell and (Unknown) (Unknown)); and died.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Ezekiel John Bardwell was born on 15 Oct 1791 in , , NC, USA; was christened on 14 Jul 1802 in , , AR, USA (son of Solomon Bardwell and Jessie Cohon); died in 1840-1850.

    Other Events:

    • Also known as: Eychiel Badwell
    • Also known as: Ezekiel Bardwell
    • Also known as: Ezekiel Budwell
    • Alt. Birth: 1790-1800


    (Please note: Based on the book, "Bardwell/Bordwell Descendants," the line for Claudia Milstead is shown up through Ezekiel Bardwell. It is the ancestors of Ezekiel Bardwell that are problematic/(unsourced). AAS / 11/Nov 2014.)

    Colleen (Smith),
    I am sending you another copy of my earlier e-mail. I did get all your other e-mails and am still reading them. Thanks for the great information.
    I have found Ezekiel Bardwell's baptismal record.
    One of the e-mails you sent identified identified a Solomon Budwell in Arkansas Territory in 1803. So I went to the library this morning and found a books entitled "A Baptismal Record of the Parishes Along the Arkansas River, August 5, 1796 to  July 16, 1802." I found the following entry (this is the only entry I found for any Bardwell/Bodwell/Budwell entry):
    " Ezechiel Juan Bodwell. The 14th day of July of this year of 1802, I Friar Juan Brady, balded Carmelite monk and priest of the parish of Our Lady of Carmen in the beginnings of the Red and Ouachita Rivers, finding myself in this district of Arkansas by commission of Mr. Thomas Hassett, Vicar General of Louisiana, baptised and anointed with the holy oils a child that was born the 15th day of October of the year of 1791, the legitimate son of Solomon Bodwell and of Jisseu (?) Cohon. The paternal grandparents are Deres Bodwell and Tabitha Dicheson, natives of Massachusetts; the maternal Ezechiel Cohon and Crese Neil, natives of North Carolina. On that child I performed the sacred ceremonies and prayers and I put for a name Ezechiel Juan. His godparents wre Juan Hutson and Catalina Kemble, to whom I advised of the spiritual kinship, and so that it might be certain I signed it.
    Friar Juan Brady."
    This is a translation from the original Spanish. I have researched both my sister-in-laws families which include Louisiana French and Spanish ancestors and I find that Spanish priest both French names and French priests botch Spanish names. Therefore, I can only imagine what a Spanish priest (despite the Irish surname) would do to English names. You provided me with information regarding a son Solomon had whose name is given variously as Pierce, Peres, Percy, etc. Therefore from this the grandfather of Ezekiel is probably Peres Bardwell.
    Also, I checked North Carolina records and the only name close to Ezechiel Cohon is a Ezekiel Cahoon who appears in a 1784 tax list of Tyrrell County, North Carolina. There are lots of Cahoons/Cohoons as wells as Neals in this county as well as in Jones, Onslow, and Bladen Counties. I checked the DAR index for Peres Bardwell and found one I believe you are is familiar with:
    Peres Bardwell b 1737 MA d 1812 NY m. Tabitha Hastings Lt MA
    The IGI states that a Peres Bardwell was born 1737, Franklin, Whatley, Mass, son of Ebenezer and Elizabeth Gillete Bardwell.
    To summarize:
    Ezekiel John Bardwell b. October 15, 1791
    Father: Solomon Bardwell
    Mother: Jessie (?) Cohoon/Cohon/Cahoon (?)
    Grandfather: Peres Bardwell
    Grandmother: Tabitha Dickensen (?)
    Grandfather: Ezekiel Cohoon/ Cohon/Cahoon (?)
    Grandmother: Crese Neal
    I will go for now, but I must add one caveat. My eyes in an awful condition. My left eye has never been 20/20 even with contacts and after laser surgery a blood vessel in my left eye has been leaking. Its all fixable. However, the point of this heart rendering tale of  woe is that I am ten time more likely now than before to get letters or numbers mixed up. Therfore, do not take any number or spelling as Gospel. I can mail you a copy of all these records if you provide me with your mailing address.
    John (Caskey)
    11 Nov 2014


    Ezekiel John Bardwell
    Born: 15 Oct 1791, North Carolina, USA
    Christened: 14 Jul 1802, Arkansas, USA
    NOTE: No wife, no children listed

    His parents:
    Solomon Bardwell,  b. Abt 1763, Massachusetts, USA, d. Abt 1833, Lawrence Co., Mississippi, USA (Age ~ 70 years)
      Military Service  01 May 1777, Conway, Franklin Co., Massachusetts, USA
      Married three times: Jessie Cohon, Mary Poole, Sarah McLeod
    Jessie Cohon,  b. North Carolina, USA

    His parents:
    Perez Bardwell,   b. 17 Aug 1737, Whately, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts, USA,   d. 1815, Phelps, Ontario Co., New York, USA (Age 77 years)
      Military Service 1756        Whately, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts, USA
    Tabitha Dickinson,   b. Abt 1740, Hadley, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts, USA,  d. Aft 1778  (Age ~ 38 years)

    His parents
    Ebenezer Bardwell,   b. 10 Apr 1707, Hatfield, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts, USA,   d. 14 Nov 1789, Whately, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts, USA (Age 82 years)
      Military Service 1775
    Elizabeth Gillett,   b. 29 Dec 1705, Hatfield, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts, USA,   d. 14 Nov 1789, Whately, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts, USA (Age 83 years)

    His parents
    Ebenezer Bardwell,   b. 19 Oct 1679, Hatfield, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts,   d. 13 Jul 1732, Hatfield, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts, USA  (Age 52 years)

    Mary Field,   b. 18 Jun 1684, Hatfield, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1732, Hatfield, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts, USA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 48 years)


    Ezekiel Bardwell
        Birth 1791 in Tyrrell, North Carolina, United States
        Death 1840 in Sabine, Louisiana, United States
    Parents & Siblings
        Solomon Bardwell
           Birth 1763 in Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts
           Death Oct 1834 in Lawrence, Mississippi
        Sarah Mc Leod
          Birth 1795 in Albany, Dougherty, Georgia, United States
          Death 1878 in Tangipohoa, Louisiana, United States
          Marriage to Solomon Bardwell / 1819 15 Apr - Age: 24 / Lawrence, Mississippi
          Marriage to Solomon Bardwell / 1824 22 Jan - Age: 29 / Shelburne, Massachusetts
          Marriage to John Wesley Brewer / 1834 26 Oct - Age: 39 / Lawrence, Mississippi
    Owner:  kennethdcooley
    10 Nov 2014
    NOTE: Shelburne marriage above is between Solomon Bordwell and Sally (per NEHGS)

    UNSOURCED:   shows
    Birth 1791, Tyrrell, North Carolina, United States
    Residence  1830 - Age: 39, Lawrence, Mississippi, 1830 United States Federal Census, (Eychiel Badwell)
    Death: 1840 - Age: 49, Sabine, Louisiana, United States
    Residence: 1840 - Age: 49, Lawrence, Mississippi, 1840 United States Federal Census, (Ezekiel Bardwell)
    Residence: 1841, Lawrence County, MS, Mississippi, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1805-1890, (Ezekiel Bardwell)
    Residence: 1845, Lawrence County, MS, Mississippi, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1805-1890, (Ezekiel Bardwell)
    Residence: 1860, Oakland, Yalobusha County, MS, Mississippi, page 902, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1805-1890, (E. Bardwell)
    11 Nov 2014

    War of 1812
    kennethdcooley added this on 21 Nov 2010
    yobreaux originally submitted this to Roberts/Bardwell Tree on 21 Sep 2007
    Solomon Bardwell's son Ezekiel Bardwell was a soldier in the War of 1812 and his son Solomon fought with General Sam Houston at San Jacinto, the battle that won Texas independence from Mexico, thus carrying the exemplary military record of this family to other fields.
    11 Nov 2014


    Below is Item 24 from the Bardwell/Bordwell book:
    "One of the major triumphs of research in the past ten years was the finding of the father of EZEKIEL BARDWELL (#1002 in the 1964 book) Principal researcher is James H. Milstead p.443"
    The above paragraph immediately precedes the entry for Ezekiel Bardwell/Budwell (1790-1800 / 1840-1850, per book). This Ezekiel Bardwell/Budwell is #3304 in the AS-CM Legacy/website database.
    [Bardwell/Bordwell Descendants]
    AAS - 25 Oct 2010

    Ezekiel married (Unknown) (Unknown) about 1814-1819. (Unknown) was born about 1800; died about 1824. [Family Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  (Unknown) (Unknown) was born about 1800; died about 1824.


    m1: Children by Ezekiel Bardwell and (Unknown) (Unknown)
    "DAU 1815-1820    SON 1815-1820    TWO SONS 1820-1825"

    m2.: Children by Ezekiel Bardwell and Celia (Unknown)
    four children

    1. (Unknown) Bardwell was born in 1815-1820; and died.
    2. (Unknown) Bardwell was born in 1815-1820; and died.
    3. 1. (Unknown) Bardwell was born in 1820-1825; and died.
    4. (Unknown) Bardwell was born in 1820-1825; and died.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Solomon Bardwell was born about 1763 in , , MA, USA (son of Perez Bardwell, Lt. and Tabitha Dickinson); died about 1833 in , Lawrence County, MS, USA.

    Other Events:

    • Military: 1 May 1777, Conway, , MA, USA; Revolutionary War


    Solomon Bardwell, Robert's father, was born c1763 in Massachutsetts. He was a son of Perez Bardwell and his wife, Tabitha, of Whatley, Massachusetts, and a descendant of Robert Bardwell who came to America in 1670. He served in the American Revolution from Massachusetts. During his life his surname is generally rendered as Bodwell or Budwell. As Solomon Bodwell he is found in the 1790 census of Tyrrell County, North Carolina. In 1798 or 1799, he was in the Spanish Province of Louisiana. By 1803, he was at Post Arkansas in the District of Arkansas in the Province of Louisiana. In 1808, he was claiming land on the St. Francis River in Arkansas portion of the Territory of Louisiana. By 1810, he was at the Wolf Creek settlement in what is now Pike County, Arkansas. By 1818, he was in Lawrence County, Mississippi. He died by December 1833 in Lawrence County, Mississippi, at which date an inventory was made of his estate. We know he married at least three times, possibly more. The first wife we know of is "Jiseu" Cahoon, daughter of Ezekiel Cahoon and "Crese" Neil of Tyrrell County, NC. ("Jiseu" and "Crese" are names given in the baptismal certificate of Ezekiel "Bodwell" which was written in Spainish in 1803. It appears the priest was trying to spell the names phoneticly, but I cannot tell what they are suppose to represent.) Solomon married prior to 1797 in Tyrrell County, North Carolina, Mary Poole Neal/Neel, daughter of John Poole and Dorcas Meekins and widow of William Neal/Neel. She may have died prior to his migration to Arkansas. In 1819, he married Sarah McLeod as stated previously.
    11 Nov 2014

    Bardwell, Solomon, Conway.Descriptive list of enlisted men dated West Point, Jan. 25, 1781; age, 17 yrs.; stature, 5 ft. 5 in.; complexion, light; hair, light; eyes, dark; residence, Conway; enlisted May 1, 1777, by Lieut. Davis; joined Col. John Greaton's (3d) regt.; enlistment, during war

    Solomon married Jessie Cohon. Jessie was born in in , , NC, USA; and died. [Family Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Jessie Cohon was born in in , , NC, USA; and died.


    11 Nov 2014

    1. 2. Ezekiel John Bardwell was born on 15 Oct 1791 in , , NC, USA; was christened on 14 Jul 1802 in , , AR, USA; died in 1840-1850.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Perez Bardwell, Lt. was born on 17 Aug 1737 in Whately, Hampshire, MA, USA (son of Ebenezer Bardwell, Lt. and Elizabeth Gillett); died in 1815 in Phelps, Ontario, NY, USA.

    Other Events:

    • Military Service: 1756; French and Indian War
    • Military Service: 1775; American Revolutio


    Lieut. in Rev. war; active in the mob which rescued Sam Ely and one of the hostages for his release, ante, p. 754) lived near Whatley line.., uncertain which side; removed to Wayne County, N.Y., about 1790. ((Most likely moved to Caton,Bradford Co.,PA in 1796)) History of the Town of Whately, Mass., 1661 - 1899, by James M. Crafts, by D. L. Crandall, Mann's Block, Orange, Mass., 1899. p. 371. He was of stalwart frame, was in the French and Indian war, enlisting in 1756 in Capt. John Burke's company, Crown Point expedition, again 1757 in Capt. Barnard's company as a corporal and in the same company in 1758 and '59, and in the expedition to Canada in 1760 and '61; in the revolutionary war a lieutenant, Capt. Israel Chapin's company, Capt Fellows' regiment, was a long time in service. After the close of the Revolutionary war we find him prominent in Shay's rebellion, being put in jail at Northampton with two other former officers in the army and held as hostages for the capture of one Elder Ely, who had been an active fomentor of resistance to the government. They were liberated from the jail by a ruse practiced by three their comrades in the revolutionary army who demanded their liberty or threatened to batter down the prison. The jailer complied and let them go. Lieut. Bardwell remained at Whately and vicinity until he removed to Phelps, Wayne County, New York. In 1771 he possessed a farm and farm buildings in Whately, tow horses, one cow, twenty acres of mowing, eight acres of tillage, eight acres of pasture and fifty-six bushels of grain, for which he was taxed
    11 Nov 2014

    Military Service:
    French and Indian War
    Crown Point Expedition 1756
    Expedition to Canada in 1760 & 1761

    Military Service:
    American Revolution - LT
    Shay's Rebellion - Captured

    Perez married Tabitha Dickinson about 1762 in Hatfield, Hampshire, MA, USA. Tabitha was born about 1740 in Hadley, Hampshire, MA, USA; died after 1778. [Family Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Tabitha Dickinson was born about 1740 in Hadley, Hampshire, MA, USA; died after 1778.

    Other Events:

    • Also known as: Tabitha Hastings


    Neither Tabitha Dickinson or Perez Bardwell is in the "Decendants of Nathaniel Dickinson" book.
    [Decendants of Nathaniel Dickinson]


    Tabitha's madain name has been written as Hastings, however in a baptismal record of her grandson Ezekiel John Bardwell in Arkansas it lists grandparents as Peres Bardwell and Tabitha Dickinson of MA. "I have not found the parents of Tabitha Dickinson or found confirmation that our interpretation of her maiden name as Dickinson found in Ezekiel Bardwell's baptismal record is correct. However, I did search the Genealogies of Hadley Families, Embracing the Early Settlers of the Towns of Hatfield, South Hadley, Amherst and Granby (Compiled by Lucius M. Boltwood Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1979)which gives a fairly good listing of Nathaniel Dickinson's descendants. There is no Tabitha listed in this publication although she could have been overlooked. I went through this listing and picked out the male descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson that were old enough to be Tabitha's father or grandfather who were indicated as having survived childhood and for whom there was no further information available. From this the most attractive prospect as a father of Tabitha is the following:
    Joel Dickinson, son Nathaniel Dickinson (1670-1745) and Hannah White (1679-1756), born 23 March 1715/16 in Hatfield, Hampshire County, MA. This is the extent of the information in the History of Hatfield, but on-line sources indicate Joel married Rachel Coombs/Combs on November 3, 1738. She was born 6 September 1714 in Springfield, Hampden County, MA. Her father was John Coombs/Combs of Northampton, MA. She is said to have died 3 April 1787 in Conway, Franklin County, MA. According to one source, Joel "Removed to Whately about 1751 with a family of children and settled at the junction of the Mother George road with Chestnut Plain Street, directly East of the Stockade monument, and it was his house and about three-fourths of an acre of his land that was enclosed by the stockade where those living in that section could fly for safety. The family removed to Conway before 1771, perhaps as soon as 1767, and then later to Phelps, N.Y., where he died. Was Capt. Elijah William's company, expedition to Canada, 1755 and 1756." "early as 1750. at the "straits" (so called) by Joseph Belding, Sergt. John Wait, Elisha Smith. David Graves and Joseph Scott. Here they erected the first dwelling in the territory. A few years afterwards, houses were built on "Chestnut Plain Street" by Lieut. Ebenezer Bardwell, Thomas Crafts and Deacon Joel Dickinson, which were the first buildings in the central part of the town. " I have seen no authoritative listing of the children of Joel Dickinson, but considering he lived at Whatley when Perez Bardwell did, moved to Conway, where Perez Bardwell was living in 1790, is said to have died in Phelps, New York where Perez is also said to have died, and Perez and Tabitha had a son named Joel, perhaps Joel Dickinson is worth further research to eliminate or confirm him as a prospect as father of Tabitha Dickinson.
    11 Nov 2014
    [Website - OurNothernRoots]

    1. 4. Solomon Bardwell was born about 1763 in , , MA, USA; died about 1833 in , Lawrence County, MS, USA.

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