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Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 35.142852, Longitude: -90.05235


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carey, John Edward  1 Aug 1946Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2877
2 Carey, John William Jr.  16 Jun 1912Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2878
3 Carey, Mary Margaret  4 Aug 1938Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2879
4 Cates, Lillie May  17 Dec 1901Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2893
5 Cornell, George Wintercast  25 Jul 1895Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2915
6 Grisanti, Leo Joseph  19 Jun 1915Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I9610
7 Milstead, Jere Leon  28 May 1942Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3067
8 Morris, Catherine Elizabeth  7 Aug 1864Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I8702
9 Parkey, Claude Thomas  16 May 1934Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I9245
10 Parkey, Thurman Thomas  25 Jun 1906Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7880
11 Rinaldi, Beverly Jo  14 Oct 1979Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3184
12 Rinaldi, Joseph Beverly Austin N. B. T.  25 Dec 1916Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3189
13 Rogers, Reuben Robert "Buddy" Jr.  12 Sep 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3195
14 Wilkinson, Aline  28 Oct 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3245
15 Wilkinson, Dorothy  6 Oct 1918Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3248
16 Wilkinson, Eva Sonia  18 Jul 1913Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3250
17 Wilkinson, Iris  8 Jan 1923Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3257
18 Wilkinson, Jonnie Gladys  22 Nov 1910Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3263
19 Wilkinson, Mary Alma  12 Jan 1916Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3267
20 Wilkinson, Thomas George  9 Mar 1907Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3256


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Mae  1 Aug 1984Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7913
2 Alverson, James Franklin  28 Aug 1961Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3175
3 Bardwell, Sarah Alice  26 Jun 1936Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3301
4 Bullock, Ruby  31 Dec 1980Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3339
5 Carey, John William  28 Jun 1936Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3344
6 Carrell, Rev. Guy Wilson  18 Oct 1983Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2881
7 Cates, Ida Sona  4 Mar 1969Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2889
8 Cates, John Calvin  13 Nov 1933Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2892
9 Dennen, James Baker  17 Oct 1995Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2928
10 Grisanti, Leo Joseph  26 Oct 2000Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I9610
11 Henricksen, Hans Christian  22 Jul 1937Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7919
12 Kiihnl, Annie Mae  28 Jun 1988Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2993
13 Lane, Walter Fred  23 Apr 1973Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3002
14 Mace, Florence Alma  23 Dec 1963Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2953
15 Mathis, Nettie Mae  4 Oct 2009Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3019
16 McBroom, Alice Emeline  2 Nov 1916Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3097
17 McCalmon, Olen Dearmon  Mar 1977Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3145
18 Milstead, Ada Elizabeth  23 Aug 1952Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I8232
19 Milstead, Celestine  23 Jan 1965Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3033
20 Milstead, Edward Lee  30 Mar 1948Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3040
21 Milstead, Leon Osler  13 Sep 1961Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3072
22 Milstead, Marjorie Eileen  20 Aug 2014Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3076
23 Milstead, William Thomas  21 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I8229
24 Morris, Catherine Elizabeth  11 Jan 1906Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I8702
25 Obrien, Alberta M.  10 Jan 1924Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I9232
26 Parkey, William Marvin  8 Jul 1953Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7878
27 Rinaldi, Joseph Beverly Austin N. B. T.  24 Feb 1959Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3189
28 Wilkinson, Aline  20 Mar 2005Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3245
29 Wilkinson, Dorothy  9 Oct 2003Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3248
30 Wilkinson, Eva Sonia  9 Oct 1995Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3250
31 Wilkinson, Iris  29 Oct 2004Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3257
32 Wilkinson, John Turner  16 Aug 1954Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3262
33 Wilkinson, Mary Alma  21 Nov 1983Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3267
34 Wilkinson, Thomas George  1 Oct 1983Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3256


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Emila  1 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3313
2 Rinaldi, Annie  1 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I4032

Census - 1920

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census - 1920    Person ID 
1 Alverson, James  15 Jan 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7915
2 Alverson, James Franklin  15 Jan 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3175
3 Cates, Ida Sona  19 Feb 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2889
4 Cates, Mary Jane  19 Jan 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2894
5 Cates, Thomas Samuel  9 Jan 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2899
6 Hendricksen, Olga Emile  15 Jan 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7914
7 Parkey, Goldie  19 Jan 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7882
8 Parkey, Henry  19 Jan 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7879
9 Parkey, Lottie Mae  19 Jan 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7881
10 Parkey, Thurman Thomas  19 Jan 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7880
11 Parkey, W? B.  19 Jan 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7883
12 Parkey, William Marvin  19 Jan 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7878
13 Wilkinson, Dorothy  19 Feb 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3248
14 Wilkinson, Eva Sonia  19 Feb 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3250
15 Wilkinson, John Turner  19 Feb 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3262
16 Wilkinson, Jonnie Gladys  19 Feb 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3263
17 Wilkinson, Mary Alma  19 Feb 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3267
18 Wilkinson, Thomas George  19 Feb 1920Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3256

Census - 1910

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census - 1910    Person ID 
1 Cates, Ida Sona  29 Apr 1910Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2889
2 Wilkinson, John Turner  29 Apr 1910Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3262
3 Wilkinson, Junior  29 Apr 1910Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3717
4 Wilkinson, Thomas George  29 Apr 1910Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3256

Census - 1930

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census - 1930    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Mae  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7913
2 Alverson, James  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7915
3 Alverson, James Franklin  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3175
4 Cates, Ida Sona  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2889
5 Cates, Mary Jane  17 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2894
6 Hansine, Ane Marie  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7920
7 Hendricksen, Olga Emile  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7914
8 Henricksen, Hans Christian  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7919
9 Macklin, Evelyn  17 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7891
10 Parkey, Herman  17 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7885
11 Parkey, Lottie Mae  17 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7881
12 Parkey, Mildred  17 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7886
13 Parkey, Thurman Thomas  17 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7880
14 Parkey, William Marvin  17 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7878
15 Rinaldi, Elino  1 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3185
16 Rinaldi, Joseph Beverly Austin N. B. T.  1 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3189
17 Tedder, Alvin  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7918
18 Tedder, Dorothy  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7922
19 Tedder, James  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7921
20 Wilkinson, Aline  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3245
21 Wilkinson, Dorothy  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3248
22 Wilkinson, Eva Sonia  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3250
23 Wilkinson, Iris  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3257
24 Wilkinson, John Turner  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3262
25 Wilkinson, Jonnie Gladys  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3263
26 Wilkinson, Mary Alma  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3267
27 Wilkinson, Thomas George  5 Apr 1930Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3256

Census - 1940

Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census - 1940    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Liebe E.  8 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7860
2 Alverson, James Franklin  16 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3175
3 Carey, John William Jr.  8 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2878
4 Carey, Mary Margaret  8 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2879
5 Cates, Ida Sona  16 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2889
6 Cates, Mary Jane  2 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2894
7 Howell, Bertha  16 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2970
8 Macklin, (Unknown)  2 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7888
9 Macklin, Earnest  2 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7890
10 Macklin, Jack  2 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7889
11 McCarter, Betty Jean  2 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7892
12 McCarter, Glenn E.  2 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7884
13 McCarter, John T.  2 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7887
14 McCarter, William E.  2 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7893
15 Parkey, Lottie Mae  2 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7881
16 Parkey, William Marvin  2 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7878
17 Rinaldi, Joseph Beverly Austin N. B. T.  16 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3189
18 Rogers, Reuben Robert "Buddy" Jr.  16 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3195
19 St. Clair, George L.  10 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3215
20 White, Elizabeth Virginia "Bessie"  8 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3243
21 Wilkinson, Aline  8 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3245
22 Wilkinson, Dorothy  16 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3248
23 Wilkinson, Eva Sonia  16 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3250
24 Wilkinson, John Turner  16 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3262
25 Wilkinson, Jonnie Gladys  10 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3263
26 Wilkinson, Jonnie Gladys  16 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3263
27 Wilkinson, Thomas George  16 Apr 1940Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3256


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Carey, Mary Margaret  6 Sep 2016Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2879


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Alverson, James Franklin  Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I3175
2 Howell, Bertha  1942Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2970


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Mae  1942Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I7913

Social Security Number

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID 
1 Coolidge, John Coit M. D.  Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA I2622


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Dennen / Carey  Memphis, Shelby, TN, USA F1246

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