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Randolph, Orange, VT, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 43.927872, Longitude: -72.663521


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ainsworth, Betsey  15 Jun 1792Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I8955
2 Arnold, Caroline Melenda  8 Apr 1807Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I35
3 Arnold, Catherine  29 Apr 1824Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I3711
4 Arnold, Eliza Annis  6 Feb 1806Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I3709
5 Arnold, Lucy Avolin  17 Jan 1836Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I8917
6 Arnold, Otho Sylvester  8 Nov 1810Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I3706
7 Arnold, Sprague  19 Apr 1803Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I2050
8 Hall, Dea. Obadiah  20 Nov 1808Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I9303
9 Keith, Mary  18 Aug 1803Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I8923
10 Morrill, Eva L.  Cal 1851Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I9573
11 Morrill, Gilbert  11 Feb 1813Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I9304
12 Sprague, Abiah  19 Apr 1815Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7081
13 Sprague, Albert Arnold I  19 May 1835Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I52
14 Sprague, Alfred  19 Sep 1804Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I942
15 Sprague, Asa  19 Oct 1797Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7076
16 Sprague, Caroline Amelia  18 Oct 1836Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I53
17 Sprague, Edgerton  13 Jul 1809Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7080
18 Sprague, Edwin Alfred  16 Oct 1836Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7114
19 Sprague, Eunice  21 Jul 1805Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7079
20 Sprague, Harriet Atwood  24 Jan 1818Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I946
21 Sprague, Jane  11 Jun 1821Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I948
22 Sprague, John  6 Apr 1815Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I368
23 Sprague, Laura  22 Feb 1839Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I9311
24 Sprague, Lavinda  9 Apr 1819Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7083
25 Sprague, Leonard  22 Jan 1800Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7078
26 Sprague, Lyman  17 Nov 1802Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I941
27 Sprague, Richard  8 Jan 1799Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7077
28 Sprague, Susan  28 Apr 1801Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I940
29 Sprague, Ziba  14 May 1806Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I34
30 Walbridge, Harriet Amelia  26 Dec 1812Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I8127
31 Weston, Betsey  4 Jul 1798Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7053
32 Weston, Daniel  13 May 1807Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7058
33 Weston, Jehial Woodward  2 Jun 1809Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7059
34 Weston, John  22 Mar 1801Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7055
35 Wills, Bliss P.  Cal 21 Oct 1846Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Unknown), Lydia  9 Feb 1849Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I8690
2 Allen, Herbert Arnold  22 Oct 1953Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I9060
3 Annis, Dolly  17 May 1837Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I126
4 Arnold, Caroline Melenda  16 Jan 1845Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I35
5 Arnold, Catherine  16 Jan 1845Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I3711
6 Arnold, Otho Sylvester  21 Mar 1838Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I3706
7 Arnold, Col. Sprague  Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I125
8 Billings, Olive  4 Oct 1814Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I9290
9 Brooks, Clarissa  31 Jul 1860Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I3712
10 Carley, Capt. William  May 1849Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I8437
11 Chamberlain, Rebecca  22 Jul 1820Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I2813
12 Dickerman, John E.  4 Dec 1915Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7138
13 Gaylord, Laura Louise  15 Dec 1939Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I9061
14 Giddings, Abiah  28 Sep 1834Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I5303
15 Gold, Sophia  Between 1870 and 1880Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I8916
16 Goss, Emily  7 Aug 1878Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I9300
17 Morrill, Gilbert  5 Dec 1893Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I9304
18 Paine, Joseph Hall  2 Oct 1862Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I9287
19 Paine, Capt. Samuel  13 Dec 1834Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I9293
20 Read, Martha  1813Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I2207
21 Sprague, Abiah  1 Feb 1863Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7081
22 Sprague, Charles D.  21 Oct 1894Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I8918
23 Sprague, Dorothy  24 Jul 1866Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I57
24 Sprague, Jane  3 Oct 1834Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I948
25 Sprague, John  27 Jan 1849Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I59
26 Sprague, Leonard  24 Jun 1871Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7078
27 Sprague, Lucy  29 Nov 1793Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I56
28 Sprague, Lyman  14 Jan 1820Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I941
29 Sprague, Richard  17 May 1826Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7077
30 Sprague, Sally  29 Mar 1886Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7082
31 Story, Asa  1 Feb 1828Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I5302
32 Story, Ezekiel  20 Dec 1816Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I254
33 Story, Sally  1 Oct 1854Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I2812
34 Towne, Susannah  12 Mar 1860Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I8957
35 Tyler, Orris  28 Sep 1859Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I5307
36 Walbridge, Eleazer  13 Aug 1849Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I9289
37 Walbridge, Harriet Amelia  31 Mar 1891Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I8127
38 Walbridge, Capt. Henry  1818Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I2206
39 Weston, Betsey  27 Dec 1868Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7053
40 Weston, Jehial Woodward  1 Mar 1892Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7059
41 Weston, John  27 Mar 1797Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7051
42 Weston, John  4 Apr 1838Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I5298
43 Weston, John  26 Oct 1876Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7055

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Goss, Emily  1805Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I9300

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 Brooks, Clarissa  27 Jul 1860Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I3712
2 Sprague, Edgerton  13 Jul 1809Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7080
3 Story, Ezekiel  25 Dec 1816Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I254

Census - 1840

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census - 1840    Person ID 
1 Sprague, Albert Arnold I  1840Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I52
2 Sprague, Caroline Amelia  1840Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I53
3 Sprague, Otho Sylvester Arnold I  1840Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I27
4 Sprague, Ziba  1840Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I34

Census - 1850

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census - 1850    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Col. Sprague  20 Sep 1850Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I125
2 Arnold, Col. Sprague  21 Sep 1850Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I125
3 Brooks, Clarissa  20 Sep 1850Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I3712
4 Sprague, Albert Arnold I  21 Sep 1850Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I52
5 Sprague, Caroline Amelia  21 Sep 1850Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I53
6 Sprague, Otho Sylvester Arnold I  21 Sep 1850Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I27
7 Sprague, Ziba  21 Sep 1850Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I34

Census - 1860

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census - 1860    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Col. Sprague  6 Aug 1860Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I125
2 Brooks, Clarissa  6 Aug 1860Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I3712
3 Sprague, Albert Arnold I  6 Aug 1860Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I52
4 Sprague, Caroline Amelia  6 Aug 1860Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I53
5 Sprague, Otho Sylvester Arnold I  6 Aug 1860Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I27
6 Sprague, Ziba  6 Aug 1860Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I34

Census 1830

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census 1830    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Col. Sprague  1830Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I125


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Belknap, R. Converse  Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I2808
2 Story, Ezekiel  Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I254


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Resided    Person ID 
1 Hall, Dea. Obadiah  Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I9303
2 Lillie, Elisha  Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I9292
3 Speare, Mary  6 Aug 1860Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I313
4 Sprague, Dorothy  Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I57
5 Sprague, Eunice  Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I7079
6 Sprague, John  Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I59
7 Sprague, Jonathan  15 Oct 1792Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I38
8 Weston, John  Abt 1791Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I5298
9 Weston, John  Abt 1797Randolph, Orange, VT, USA I5298


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family / Spouse    Married    Family ID 
1 Arnold / Annis  13 Mar 1805Randolph, Orange, VT, USA F73
2 Arnold / Brooks  14 Dec 1842Randolph, Orange, VT, USA F1579
3 Arnold / Carley  10 Mar 1821Randolph, Orange, VT, USA F72
4 Arnold / Gilbert  1 Apr 1803Randolph, Orange, VT, USA F3416
5 Burnham / Arnold  23 May 1832Randolph, Orange, VT, USA F1578
6 Fielding / Sprague  12 Dec 1843Randolph, Orange, VT, USA F4191
7 Morrill / Sprague  20 Apr 1837Randolph, Orange, VT, USA F4189
8 Osgood / Sprague  1792Randolph, Orange, VT, USA F2285
9 Sprague / Arnold  6 Jun 1834Randolph, Orange, VT, USA F17
10 Sprague / Arnold  24 Mar 1857Randolph, Orange, VT, USA F3968
11 Sprague / Carlisle  29 Mar 1838Randolph, Orange, VT, USA F4192
12 Sprague / Corliss  19 Mar 1799Randolph, Orange, VT, USA F18
13 Weston / Edson  30 Oct 1832Randolph, Orange, VT, USA F4183
14 Weston / Walbridge  26 Nov 1833Randolph, Orange, VT, USA F3504

Alt. Marriage Date

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family / Spouse    Alt. Marriage Date    Family ID 
1 Weston / Sprague  1 Dec 1791Randolph, Orange, VT, USA F2284

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